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Arcona ( 1 USD )

Blockchain powered augmented reality ecosystem merging real and virtual worlds worldwide, creating a

Starting : 15-04-2018
Ending : 15-05-2018

About Arcona

Arcona is a Blockchain Powered Ecosystem merging together real and virtual worlds worldwide creating augmented reality layer perfectly linked to real landscapes - the Digital Land.


It is designed for everyday user interactive experience with augmented reality content, so anyone can become a landowner and start doing business within the Arcona AR ecosystem in advertising, real estate, game, travel and many other spheres of business.


The Digital Land is the main asset of Arcona - you can buy, sell, rent or lease the Land using ERC20 token called arcona.


Smart contract on block?hain guarantees protection of copyright and property rights. The system automates royalty payments to content creators, and rents to digital asset owners.


The cost of Digital Land will have an explosive growth following the growth of the AR market. Since in 2016 AR market had a total volume of approximately $ 3 billion and is expected to exceed $ 150 billion by 2020.



Arcona allows you to place virtual projects anywhere in the world without leaving your home. Choose the most popular and visited places. Create whole worlds on your Digital land.


The world market is open to you in the Arcona ecosystem. Buy, sell, rent out your Digital Land. Make money on creativity, creating and selling the most incredible content.


Smart contract on block?hain, guarantees protection of copyright and property rights. The system automates royalty payments to content creators, and rents to digital asset owners.


Digital land is the main asset of the Arcona ecosystem, built on the principles of blockchain. The rules of land use are described in the Ethereum smart contract. You can buy your own lot in exchange for an ERC20 standard token - arcona.

Why should you buy digital land? Owning a lot of Digital Land is an interesting experience for a creative person and a profitable business for business people. You can change the world on the lawn in front of your house or create serious commercial project thousands of kilometers away from you, on another continent.

Your land - your rules. Each lot of the digital land is associated with a specific location in the physical world. This is a place where you will be attracting many people to share with them the results of your work.

Organize events, shows and presentations, create games, open virtual stores. Digital land is your property, organize it to your taste.

You absolutely need Digital Land if you want to create augmented reality online projects anywhere on the planet.


2018 Q2 The launch of a marketplace and the Arcona unit of account, sale of the development kit.

2018 Q3 The launch of an AR Viewer prototype and applications with bonuses for testers and scouts.

2018 Q4 The launch of a technological prototype for AR Grid; the launch of remote positioning tools for mobile platforms.

2019 The launch of the AR Viewer. Introduction of the AR Grid positioning system in 10 of the world’s largest cities. Create a total of 1,500 km2 of Digital Land up for sale. The launch of internal economy.

2020 Increase the size of georeferenced AR territory to 40,000 km2 and create a Worldwide Augmented Reality Grid.

2023 Increase the size of georeferenced AR territory to 100,000 km², combining the physical and virtual worlds into one single augmented reality environment.

Disctribution and allocation of tokens

15th of April – 15th of May 2018 Bonus system

During ?rst 15 days everyone will get 25% bonus to the initial purchase, after that the size of the bonus will be decreasing from 25% to 1%. Every day we will be choosing 3 winners among new buyers of tokens who will become the owner of one of 120 Digital Land plots. We also offer referral program – 5,5% bonus for each transaction.

The total number of tokens issued during the Christmas Presale and ICO will be considered as 60% of total emission and will be held by the Presale and ICO participants.

The remaining 40% will be created and distributed in the following way:

• Bounty 2%

• Advisors 7% (Vesting: 3.5% for 6 months and 3.5% for 12 months after the ICO is ?nalized)                                                            

• Team 20% (Vesting: 5% for 6 months, 5% for 12 months and 10% for 18 months after the ICO is ?nalized) • Reserve Fund 11%

Arcon Team

Ilia KorguzalovCEO and Founder

15+ years of experience in business development. Team role:project conceptualisation and management, design and market research.


Diana Sorina, COO/CMO, Founder

12+ years of experience in marketing, branding, sales and PR. Team role: marketing and sales. https://www.linkedin.com/in/diana-sorina-b460a18a/  

Tatiana Chernih, Founder/CCO

12+ years of experience in journalism and PR. Team role: leading researcher, PR


Dr. Aleksandr Emilianov R&D Team lead Education:

Computer Science and Engineering (PhD): University of West Bohemia, Plzen, Czech Republic. Lomonosov Moscow State University. Russia. 20+ years of experience in: algorithm and software development, Computer vision.

Daniel Girdea, Founder, Chief Business Officer

6+ years of experience in working and investing in Real Estate & Construction business. Project role: EU branch of the business development, international relations.


Dr. Igor Rozhdestvensky, Founder, Chief Scientific officer

20+ years experience in business development. Founder of “Ingria” business-incubator in Saint Petersburg.


Alexander Zaulichnyy, CTO

Education: Bachelor of Computer Science, ITMO University, Saint Petersburg, Russia. 5+ years of professional experience in: software architecture, development of AR and VR applications, mobile applications, games, A.I. for games, network engineering, web-based application development and management.

Mikhail Afremov, Project Team Lead

Expert in the management, strategic development and protection of assets in real estate, as well as specialist in attracting investment in real sectors of the economy; co-owner of several production and construction companies.


Ekaterina Rumiantseva, CFO

Education: BA degree in Banking and Finance in University of Wales, Bangor; MSc Politics and Governance in London School of Economics and Political Science, 10+ work experience in banking and investment sector in Russia and the EU.


Ivan Mushavets, Marketing Team Lead

5+ experience in Digital and Performance Marketing, certified specialist in Google Adwords and Analytics (gold); 6+ international projects in USA, UK, GE, RU, KZ. Education: State St. Petersburg University,  State St. Petersburg University of telecommunications, degree in web-analytics and marketing strategy.



Arcona review and analysis

Below you read our objective review and analysis of Arcona.


  • The team members have relevant and diverse experience, networks and endorsements to implement the planned project
  • Team members commitment to the project was easy to verify
  • Very innovative and uniqur service concept of providing advertisement space arrangements to the virtual layer of the augmented reality world
  • The targeted sector has very little competition so far so a strong first mover advantage can still be built
  • The service can be scaled up in the digital realm when the utilization of AR becomes more popular
  • The soft cap of 2746 ETH is very reasonable
  • The vesting times for team tokens increase investor confidence to the team commitment
  • The project materials are professionally prepared
  • A lot of source code materials available in GitHub
  • Community building has started off well with thousands of members in the most popular channels

Potential concerns  

  • The service does not provide a solution to a topical problem but is solving an issue that will become topical only in the near future
  • It might be challenging to evaluate which players will be the first big customers that the team needs to partner with and will the turnover for the first 5 years be enough to allow a solid financial foundation to evolve
  • The token does not necessarily improve the end users experience, even though the solution generates more opportunities for developers to monetize augmented reality and build new consumer products
  • The maximum total initial valuation of 337 500 ETH, depending on the ICO demand and the ETH-USD rate equals to $100M - $500M, which is quite massive for an unpublished project.



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ICO Specification
  • ICO Platform : Ethereum
  • Accepted currencies : ETH,BTC
  • KYC : Yes