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Bank of Hash Power ( 0.55 USD )

An innovative block chain financial management platform derived from global hash power asset, makes

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Starting : 07-03-2018
Ending : 25-04-2018

The BHP is a digital asset infrastructure which runs on the block chain. It is a decentralized "bank" system which applies the block chain technology and uses bitcoin hash power as collateral. The basis of its operation is through the establishment of a platform that connects mines and users, using smart contracts to achieve the supply and demand match between mines and users. At the same time, the more ambitious target is providing mines and users with more revenue options, including financial investments and services in various digital currencies based on BHPC.

The core value of BHP is that its distribution is completely decentralized and it is a set of financial system which relying on smart contract and issued by using hash power as collateral. BHP use BHPC to provide users with a global payment system that allows users to hold tokens, online transactions, re-invest in assets and participate in other financial activities to achieve decentralized payment settlement and other internet digital asset finance applications. 

At the same time, users can use the assets in the system to conduct a series of cryptocurrency financial operations such as mortgage, gambling, exchange, registration and legally convert to other digital assets. BHP is a common financial platform for a set of digital assets that conform to the rules. With a bank account, users can easily manage their own assets, realize the transformation and trading of different digital assets, and carry out various valuable financial activities, and it truly is a decentralized online "bank" platform.

Solve Problems?

Digital currencies will be used for commercial applications. However, the most basic credit lending in traditional business activities such as B2B, B2C and C2C, mortgage guarantee, asset replacement, VISA-level payment, stored value and contract applications that require traditional banking system support doesn’t exist in digital currency yet. The BTC or ETH with "digital gold" value is not suitable for large-scale commercial applications due to its disadvantages of high consumption, slow testimony and high fees. The existing digital currencies in other areas are original, but do not have the credit value of BTC and ETH, it is difficult to apply widely.

The BHP System will address the missing status of intermediary roles, give full consideration to the credit value and user experience in digital currency application, and satisfy more diversified transactions, stored values, contracts, asset replacement, re-investment income and other financial needs as the bank in cryptocurrency finance market.

The basic topology of the BHP platform:

  • The mine sells or lends computing hash power to BHP?repurchase BHPC from the market and pay the mine.
  • Users obtain BHPC from the market to obtain the corresponding mining revenue and other financial services.
  • By BHPC infrastructure, users and mines have matched their needs.
  • With the consensus of value BHPC, various types of users can enjoy other financial services provided by BHP infrastructure.

BHP is a decentralized autonomous platform that provides the following capabilities and services by connecting global mines and end users:

  • Intelligent Mining Contract
  • Hash Power Mortgage Loan
  • Reinvestment and Assets Settlement
  • Hash Power Investment Value
  • Point to Point Transfer
  • Exchange and Transaction

BHPC Benefits:

? With more than 200,000 T hash power in operation, it will attract hundreds of mines worldwide to solve the financial needs such as mine futures options.

? BHP divides mine revenue, transaction payment and financial services profit gains each week, BHPC holders annualized return rate of up to 35%.

? BHP users can participate in digital asset investment configuration, different levels of users can enjoy 10% to 100% annualized rate of return.

? BHP provides users with professional digital money market consulting and investment advisors, so that users can quickly master and obtain investment income.

? Repurchase BHPC to keep BHPC's market value in an ever-increasing value channel and ensure that each BHPC user's primary value continues to grow.

Investors of BHP:

Our investors are full of confidence in BHP, includingYang Linke, Founder of BTCChina? China's first bitcoin trading platform-BTCChina)  founder of BCD (Bitcoin Diamond) ,Jiang Hai, founder&CEO of Bubi Networks


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China,Singapore,United States

ICO Specification
  • ICO Platform : Ethereum
  • Accepted currencies : BTC,ETH,ETC,BCH,ZCASH,EOS,DASH
  • KYC : Yes