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A decentralised invoice financing solution for a connected world

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Starting : 15-04-2018
Ending : 15-04-2018

Why Should Invoice Financing Evolve?

The traditional model exposes the financier to considerable risk and increases the likelihood of disputes. It’s time for a change.

6 Drawbacks of Traditional Invoice Financing

No direct contact

The financier does not have a relationship with the buyer, which exposes the financier to considerable risk.

Invalid invoices

The seller may issue an invoice for an uncompleted service or a product that doesn’t meet requirements.

High legal costs

The preparation and execution of legal documents is costly and typically involves third-party providers.


The seller and the buyer may conspire to defraud the financier. Or the seller may breach their agreement and request a direct payment.


The buyer may dispute the payment liability and leave the other parties out of pocket, putting their reputations on the line.


The buyer may become insolvent and unable to pay for the invoices, forcing the other parties to suffer the loss of funds.

Our Powerful All-In-One Solution. Reinvent Starts now

We’re ushering in a new era of invoice financing by building a decentralised p2p platform where sellers, buyers and investors are connected.

No Barriers

Trust and transparency between all parties is facilitated through permissioned access, verifications and an in-built reward system.

Lower Rates for Sellers

Sellers will be able to obtain financing at lower interest rates than normally received from a traditional financer.

Diversity for Investors

Investors will be granted access to an investment product that is generally only available to banks and finance companies.

Dynamic Invoices

Dynamic invoices enable all parties to update invoice information in real time, ensure immutability and manage sensitive information access.

Connecting Sellers to Investors

Sellers will have direct access to individual investors. This new distributed peer-to-peer lending environment will benefit both sellers and the investors.

Fractionalised Loans

Invoice loans will be fragmented, allowing investors to purchase loans from a larger pool, increase their diversification and reduce their overall risk profile.

Who will use Invox Finance Platform?

Sellers who have invoices they wish to sell to accelerate their cash-flow

Investors seeking higher rates of return and diversification of their investment portfolio

Buyers who will receive extended invoice payment periods and be rewarded for verifying invoices

Invox Tokens Your key to the platform.

Tokens with a real-world use case created on the Ethereum network.


Join the platform as a seller using Invox Tokens to pay your membership to the Trusted Member Program.


Get a rewarded in Invox Tokens whenever you verify or pay invoices.



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China,United States

ICO Specification
  • ICO Platform : Ethereum
  • Accepted currencies : ETH
  • KYC : Yes