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Decentralized market intelligence network

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Starting : 01-04-2018
Ending : 30-04-2018

Mosaic is a decentralized market intelligence network for cryptoassets. Mosaic is focused on developing and distributing research and market data via a trusted blockchain network. Mosaic connects market participants to a dynamic social network of ideas, information, and people. Mosaic content contributors are both (a) Researchers (at both Mosaic Research Limited and elsewhere) and (b) Users, who are mainly market participants. 

Contributors may publish premium or free research. The Mosaic market intelligence protocol provides a distributed, immutable, and transparent ledger of voting history that can be utilized to evaluate over time the quality of research produced by the Researcher. From this ledger, Users determine that a given Researcher's work is consistently ‘up-voted’ by other Users. For this reason, Users are assured of the verifiable track record of that Researcher's calls. MZX is the native method for settlement between parties and facilitates access to ecosystem resources. MZX underpins incentivized activities of both Users and Researchers on the Network. 

Mosaic Research Limited (the Company) plays a key role in the Mosaic ecosystem by constantly supporting the Mosaic Network. The Company has a global team of contributors who publish cryptoassets and DLT research on the Mosaic Network platform. The global research team consists of computer scientists, economists, business analysts, and trading technical analysts.


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ICO Specification
  • ICO Platform : Ethereum
  • Accepted currencies : ETH
  • KYC : Yes