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Take back control over your Social Experience! SPN is a flexible, ERC20-compliant cryptocurrency tha

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Starting : 03-03-2018
Ending : 03-04-2018

What is Sapien?

Sapien is a highly customizable, democratized social news platform capable of rewarding millions of content creators and curators without any centralized intermediaries.

SPN Logo

Sapien is a highly customizable, democratized social news platform capable of rewarding millions of content creators and curators without any centralized intermediaries.

SPN Token

SPN is a flexible, ERC20-compliant cryptocurrency that will incentivize quality content, power all platform actions, and serve as the backbone of our tokenized economy.

SPN Utility

Establish a Proof of Value Consensus Protocol

SPN derives its value from its ability to collaboratively distinguish high quality contentImplement mechanisms to promote quality contributions and reward users accordinglyContributions are evaluated throughout the network, accumulating domain-specific reputation scoreWithin Sapien, reputation will mitigate trolling and reduce the spread of fake newsReputation is inherent to the SPN token and thus not restricted to the platform

Launch the first Democratized Autonomous Platform

Create a truly autonomous social network by giving SPN holders real power over the direction of the platformGive users a voice via our proposal system in organizational decisions, feature developments, and marketplace rewardsSPN stakeholders will be in a unique position to suggest and prioritize milestonesCultivate a passionate and engaged community that evolves its values over time

Build a Robust Marketplace and Incentivize User Contributions

Creators and Curators will receive payouts for content that have created quantifiable valueUsers will be able to tip one another for posts and commentsFoster an altruistic environment that will support quality content and liberate creators from dependence on ad revenueLaunch a marketplace to enable SPN holders to purchase exclusive physical and virtual goods

Power Future Applications on the Sapien Network

Build out a Developer Platform powered by SPN to offer users app integrations and permit external apps to leverage our user baseLaunch Sapien API to integrate applications with SPN, allowing users to exchange and make purchases with a unified currencyTether virtual items in integrated applications with the real world value of SPNEstablish a global reputation network on integrated platforms to fight fake news anywhere

Sapien Key Features

Public/Private BrowsingSubscrptionsFriends, groups and postsFeature-rich ChatEncryptionHighly Customizeable

Sapien Token Sale


Dates: January 31 - February 15Token Exchange Base Rate: Phase #1 rate +20% (final exchange rate will be fixed closer to presale)Currencies Accepted: ETHTiered Contribution Structure:>$250k: +45%>$100k: +35%>$50k: +27%>$10k: +23%<$10k: +20%Token Distribution: Smart Contract will distribute tokens after Token Sale Phase #1 is completeMinimum Presale Goal: No minimum

Token Sale Phase #1

Dates: March 20 - April 3Total Hard Cap (in USD): $30,000,000Currencies Accepted:ETH: Natively supported.BTC: Not natively supported. User will be asked for an Ethereum address. A BTC address will be generated and bound to the Ethereum address specified. Once BTC is received, tokens will be sent to the Ethereum address specified.Alternative cryptocurrencies: Supported via Shapeshift.ioToken Exchange Base Rate: Final exchange rate will be fixed closer to presaleBonus Structure:Day 1: +15%Week 1: +10%Week 2: +3%Week 3+: no bonusesIssuance Rate: All new tokens will be distributed to value creators within SapienMinimum Phase #1 Goal: 50,000,000 SPN

Minimum Goal

Our minimum goal has been set strategically to ensure the Sapien core team can quickly, securely, and completely deliver on our promises for the SPN token and the Sapien platform. If our goal is not met, all investors will be refunded through our smart contract, minus any funds that were liquidated for marketing expenses.


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ICO Specification
  • ICO Platform : Ethereum
  • Accepted currencies : ETH BTC
  • KYC : No