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Decentralized cryptocurrency exchange. A unique P2P platform for cryptocurrency to fiat currency exc

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Starting : 12-03-2018
Ending : 25-03-2018

What is Streamity?

Streamity is a cecentralized P2P platform for cryptocurrency to fiat currency exchange and vice versa. Streamity project focuses on the establishment of a powerful cryptocurrency exchange which will include a broad range of services and ensure benefits from cryptocurrency markets development, while avoiding complications and risks arising from cryptocurrency ownership, transfer, and exchange.

Streamity - DAPP StreamDesk

How does Streamity work?

A powerful StreamDesk aggregator ensuring exchange of cryptocurrencies for fiat currencies under smart contracts without intermediaries is the key element of Streamity project. StreamDesk will also ensure mutual exchange of cryptocurrencies, with maximum security and efficiency, suitable for most cryptocurrencies existing in the market. Cryptocurrency rate will be always bound to the "Market" section (which collects information from major stock exchanges and displays the value of cryptocurrencies and capitalization of companies). 

This means that the possibility to change prices for gaining excess profit simply does not exist! All fees are known in advance and will be presented below. This provides advantages both to investors, who will have a clear understanding of all prospects and future company's profits from fees, and to users, who will benefit from a fair and transparent exchange mode with maximum security. STM tokens are going to be used for the purchase of services within Streamity ecosystem. As more services are launched within Streamity platform, the more tokens are in demand.

Streamity Key Features

  • Smart contract - Smart-contracts are part and parcel of the Streamity medium.
  • Legality of operations - KYC policy followed by Streamity is based on principles of fair partnership.
  • Minimal commissions - Users select a transfer method themselves, in most cases paying a fee in fiat currency will not be required. Cryptocurrency commission varies from 0 to 2%..
  • Simplicity and convenience - StreamDesk is a simple and convenient way to buy and sell cryptocurrency within one smart application.
  • Crypto-community freedom - Both fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies are not blocked by the platform.
  • Fair service - Cryptocurrencies value is as close as possible to the current exchange rates. Information on the value of cryptocurrencies is collected from major cryptocurrency exchanges, the average market value is set online automatically in market.

Advantages of streamity

  • Form of incorporation - Streamity is registered in Singapore and it is aimed at completely legitimate operation.
  • Resources - Streamity aims at winning community recognition by means of P2P platform and development of a powerful portal focusing on blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies.
  • Artificial intelligence - It is planned to use artificial intelligence in various resources of Streamity medium.
  • Meetups and conferences - We will hold meetups and conferences on various topics for the community in different countries.
  • Training within the community - Streamity will provide extensive training courses jointly with its partners.
  • Partnerships - Streamity cooperates with blockchain companies in the development of technology.

Vladislav Kuznetsov - CEO & Founder

In my opinion, Streamity is showing hopeful results, thanks to the experienced and well-known team, challenging and relevant idea, the only one of its kind.

Streamity ICO roadmap

  • May 2017 - Creation of the ideaof Streamity project
  • August 2017 - The prototype of StreamDesk finished. Backend and user’s account developed.
  • Q1 2018 - Start of ICO & Launch of StreamDesk
  • Q2 2018 - Launch of the education andinformation «Streamity» resource
  • Q4 2018 - Launch of cryptocurrencies converter
  • Q2 2019 - Launch of Streamitymobile version (IOS/Android)
  • Q4 2019 - Launch of «Streamity» investment resource



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ICO Specification
  • ICO Platform : Ethereum
  • Accepted currencies : BTC, LTC, ETH, ETC, USD, EUR
  • KYC : Yes