ICO Detail For Tkeycoin DAO (TCD)
Tkeycoin DAO ( 1 USD )

Tkeycoin DAO is a cryptographic decentralized platform built on the mechanism of artificial intellig

Starting : 01-05-2018
Ending : 30-11-2018

Tkeycoin DAO allows you to combine banks, payment providers, payment systems, corporations and users with software solutions based on the TBP Protocol (Tkeycoin Blockchain Protocol) implementing affordable and instant payments worldwide. Unlimited payment options and a number of other benefits that save your time and money within a single system.

Safe mean of storing money

The decentralized platform of Tkeycoin DAO uses quantum-stable digital signatures and anonymous networks, thanks to which there are no blocking by third parties and regulators.
All assets are protected from hacking, and transactions are encrypted by the encryption system Iron Atom Technology with digital signature RSA-2048, combined with elliptic curves Curve25519, recognized by the us national security Agency.

Confidentiality of information

Users can be assured of personal and financial information. All data is anonymous and transactions are encrypted. Information about the operation, account balances is available only to the user.


Russian Federation

Can't Join Country

United States

ICO Specification
  • ICO Platform : Own Platform
  • ICO Category : Trading & Investing
  • Total Supply : 105000000
  • Total ICO Supply : 100000000
  • Accepted currencies : ETH, BTC, LTC, DASH, BCH
  • KYC : No